28 comments on “New on-set pics from the Dredd movie

    • Oh do stop talking shite. These are on set images, not finished film stills.

      It’ll look wholly different on screen.

  1. These are behind the scenes photos. Have you seen the behind the scenes Indiana jones pic with Indy carrying a cardboard cutout of the ark of the covenant? (you only ever see this pic in shadow in the final film). Makes Indy look like it was a kids play, but the actual film is magnificent. Judging an entire movie on a couple of candid behind the scenes photos is pretty stupid.

  2. In the city of the future everything looks the same as now – except the CGI blocks that we stuck in during post-production. :P

    This does look amazing. The clothes, the amazingly detailed interiors:


    My, it does look impressive. And how can we forget the incredible marketing campaign!! The teaser trailer was incredible. Such detail, such camerawork! And the full trailer was even better! That was so good.

    I tell you, this film is incredible. Going to be a huge hit. May even gross more than Pluto Nash.

  3. I kinda like how every “They should do THIS” complaint can be answered with “What? LIke they did for the Stallone Dredd movie?” …which had the exact costume, spent a fortune making the city like it does in the comics, was pimped to hell etc etc

    It’s as bad of me to say it’ll be cool at this stage as it is for someone to say its shit but….I’m a fan. I’m erring on the side of optimism.

    The marketing campaign is designed around pushing a medium size movie because thats what this is. Its a medium size movie that will hopefully do big business. This isnt the Avengers, its Blade. The repeated accusation that the lack of trailer is because the film sucks is bullshit because, as any fanboy knows, you can make a fucking awesome trailer out of a shit movie. Don’t mistake strategy for lack of confidence. I’d be more worried if we’d seen a load of trailers all showing the same stuff in a different order

    • Here here Richard, BRAVO! Some people seem to forget that what works on the page doesn’t necessarily translate to the screen – Stallone’s 1995 costume a prime example – and the people behind the upcoming new movie have done a remarkable job of keeping the distinctive Judge body armour whilst also making it credible and convincingly realistic.

      And the trailer isn’t out yet because, as you correctly stated Richard, ‘Dredd’ is a mid-budget movie and thus the marketing is going to be more short-sharp-shock in it’s execution, that and the fact I believe the ‘Dredd’ people are deliberately waiting for the smoke to clear on the big summer releases before rolling out the main marketing strategy, and rightly so in my opinion…

      Oh, and by the way, those new pics above are simply AWESOME, it’s extremely encouraging to see just how right they’ve nailed the Judge look, and Anderson can put me in flex-cuffs any day of the week, OH BABY!!!

  4. I think this film is going to be an epic stinker, no trolling, I really do. Where is a trailer? Heck where is a TEASER trailer? Forget the 2 mins length trailer, this film must be so naff the producers refuse to release a 1 minute teaser trailer!

    And what exactly are they ‘waiting’ for? Is releasing a trailer after The Dark Knight Rises going to guarantee this film is a success? I doubt it. Waiting another month is a month of no views of the trailer; this translates to less interest in the film.

    The notion of a ‘short-sharp-shock’ marketing campaign is ridiculous. Why does that guarantee the film will be a success? It’s too risky to go with “let’s release the trailer in late July or August and hope for the best!” They screwed it up. A teaser trailer should have been released mid or late May – then wait four or five week and release the full trailer in early July. That would have made sense. The filmmakers have failed to exploit internet technology and sites such as Yahoo,Youtube and iTunes trailers.

    Just think of all the extra ‘buzz’ had Lionsgate released an online teaser trailer in late May. People would be posting on forums saying “seen the teaser, looks cool, can’t wait to see the full trailer!” But we’re not getting that. People are saying “where’s the trailer?” but in a frustrated way. This is creating a negative impression. This is the wrong way to market the film. And as I say, the lack of a teaser trailer three months before release does suggest this film is terrible. A one minute clip can’t be released? Why???!!!!

    Just release a teaser, let people see it and if it’s crap it’s crap, and if it’s good it’s good. But hiding it away seems an act of cowardice. Not showing any clips at Kapow! 2012 also proves how cowardly the marketing campaign has been. A new Judge Dredd film doesn’t get any coverage at a British comic/film convention? That’s ridiculous and more or less proves this film is rubbish. “Let’s wait and wait and show nothing at a a big British comic convention because that will increase the promotion of this film.” See how absurd that it is?

  5. Has anyone asked if the Stallone costume was so ‘perfect’, why did he ditch everything but the boots and the cod piece as soon as possible? Seriously, he wears them for about ten minutes.

  6. Also, the producers made an EPIC mistake wasting MONEY on stuff like this:

    This is a crazy waste of money. Be much cheaper to hire storyboard artists to draw the sequences on pieces of paper or pads and stick them on a wall for reference purposes. The money they’ve wasted on previsualization should have been spent on doing digital matte shots of more appropriate looking vehicles rather than the naff cars we’re getting in the film:


    Digital mattes of these vehicles would make the film look a lot better:




    These would be digital matte shots composited onto the backgrounds when the camera is not in motion. I’m not talking about digital 3D models that have to move to adapt to the motion of the camera. No, just vehicles added to certain background mattes to convey the idea Justice Dept can afford more expensive military type vehicles.

    The producers have messed it up. Got the priorities wrong. Whatever money has been spent on previs storyboard is a huge waste and should have been spent on stuff we actually see in the final cut. That previs sequence is not in the film, it’s going to be replaced with live action and CGI elements. Whoever was in charge of budget allocation should get a new job working for the Greek government! :P

    • Do you actually know what previz is for? It’s for judging angles and timing and motion on special effects before spending big bucks on the real shots.
      Watch some DVD extras some time or read a few issues of cinefex


  8. I can prove I am right. It’s easy…

    You cannot argue this point of view:

    No trailer = no faith in product. This is a basic fact of the film biz. The longer you delay the trailer the less faith the investors/producers/​distributors have in it.

    Check out the trailer to September 28 release Looper, a sci-fi film:


    See how many hits it’s got. Over 400,000. Trailer was released in April.

    See how many hits the Dredd trailer has got:

    Precisely. None. I’ve proved my point. No trailer means no views means less interest means film is poor.

    Why would anyone want to ignore all those months when the trailer could have got 400,000 (or more!) hits on the most popular video hosting site on the net?

    See, it’s impossible to defend their marketing approach to this film. It’s been a huge mistake. Unforgivable.

  9. Link didn’t open. Try again:

    Check out the trailer to September 28 release Looper, a sci-fi film:

    See how many hits it’s got. Over 400,000. Trailer was released in April.

    See how many hits the Dredd trailer has got:

    Precisely. None. I’ve proved my point. No trailer means no views means less interest means film is poor.

    Why would anyone want to ignore all those months when the trailer could have got 400,000 (or more!) hits on the most popular video hosting site on the net?

    See, it’s impossible to defend their marketing approach to this film. It’s been a huge mistake. Unforgivable.

  10. Please shut up. Your making me fell stupid just reading your comments.
    No trailer mean’s a no go movie? Really? Have you seen how little advertisement movies like Red Tails and The Expendables 2 have had in comparison to The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises. That’s because, to my knowladge, these are some of the most anticipate summer blockbuster’s of the last several years addapted from international icon’s of fiction and with years of build up and produced and a budget that would constitute roughly half of the amount of money the Salford make’s in benefits.*
    Dredd is a SMALL time production, produced on a tiny budget and with a small list of B-list actors (with the possible expetion of Urban). Of cause there’s gonna be very little press coverage at this stage as everyone still hyped over Prometheus (I’ll get to that plate of arse some other time) and no one in the mainstream really give’s a hoot about a low budget addaptation of some kid’s comic book character that’s been around for 35 years (sarcasm).
    You see, it’s all about the target audience and at which time it best fit’s to release to trailers into the public eye.
    Now rathet than slag the movie off at every turn please kindly do some research and take a hike.

    *No, I am not serious.

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  12. It’s great to see all the negative feedback relates to how much cash was thrown at the movie? Huge budgets and months of viral youtube marketing do not make a great movie, STORY makes a great movie. Well written CHARACTERS make a great movie.

    Forgive my sin but I gave in and read the leaked script about a year ago (I didn’t believe it was real, now I’ve seen the trailer I realise it was) this is a well written 2000ad/Megazine story. Nothing epic, just a day in the life of Judge Dredd.

    It has that great dark humour associated with Dredd, all characters are well written and it comes off as “Die Hard” in a Cityblock, who could have a problem with that?
    Someone said it best earlier, this isn’t the Avengers, it’s Blade and Blade was the breath of fresh air comic book movies needed. I believe Dredd will prove to be similar and who knows, maybe before we see a “Dredd” sequel we’ll see a Strontium Dogs movie?

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