2 comments on “Megacast Episode 2

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  2. Excellent second podcast.

    Now that Flint and Rich have no longer have an excuse to mention Sinfield/Seinfeld/Sinfeld, I’m short of a drinking game so will instead take a sip when either of you drops the F-bomb. I’ll be getting through a crate of Mac’s Gold per podcast at this rate, especially when Iz breaks the five minute barrier (which is an automatic beer scull).
    I actually listened to this podcast on the Stygian Airlines hop from Brisbane to Auckland where your drunken rampage through the latest Meg thankfully drowned out the sound of screaming as the plane hit bad turbulence. My lol-ing during this time probably didn’t help to calm my fellow passengers, most of whom had resorted to praying or soiling themselves. Not me, though. I’d recently sat through Eclipse so smashing into the Tasman Sea would have been a blessing.
    Right I have a good and bad point to raise so brace yourselves…
    Bad point- Stace appears to have an unhealthy obsession with trains which is either some overt Freudian symbolism coming to the fore or she is lining up a fanzine crossover where Judge Death appears in Sodor for a wholly unforgettable (and final) Thomas the Tank Engine story.
    Good point- Your review of the Meg finally brought home to me the amount of non-Dredd stuff in there and has prompted me to now cancel my subscription and go down the clickwheel route (a two month delay in Mordor is nothing- try waiting for a bus). I have never been a fan of the film reviews and am one of the fundamental few who believe that the Meg’s remit was to tell Dreddworld stories and that has been abandoned over the years. Your review has given me the kick up the backside I needed so thank you! I’ll continue listening despite a two month delay as you are both very spoiler conscious. Plus you’re interviewing PJ Whatsisface.
    Finally, I agree that the Samizdat Squad art is excellent stuff, but think that drawing mudmen is actually very easy. One only need take a trip to East Leeds and see mutated creatures like that for real. I think Clint Langley has been there with his camera as inspiration for the Formorians…

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