3 comments on “Ep51 – Judge Dredd Movie Review

  1. Right, though I have read the script, I have never seen the Stallone Dredd film.
    Well, that’s not strictly true. To placate the missus (who has seen it and draws on this as her entire Dredd knowledge), I watched the opening up to the end of the Block War scene and was squirming the whole way through. To be fair she lasted only four minutes of my reciprocal arrangement with Big Bust Smashdown 2 so she is in no position to have a go.

    I know hardcore Dredd mates who have seen it and wept openly about missed opportunities, codpieces and the fact that I had written a letter to Tharg (published in Prog 568 no less) protesting the casting of Sly and berating him for his dollar chasing ways. The lying green cock responded by saying “believe it when you see it”. Yeah…cheers.
    Anyway, said Dreddheads have advised me not to break my oath and instead wait for the Karl Urban version.

    For me, I hold Dredd in such high regard that when liberties are taken with the character it gnaws at me.
    For this film, the changing of certain things like the time period, Aspen Prison (instead of Titan), Judge Hunters (rather than SJS) coupled with the inclusion of the ABC warrior, Fergee, the Angel Gang, Fargo and Rico were all a huge clusterfuck that seemed to have been dreamt up by a kid with ADHD rather than a gifted scripter. We were lucky no dinosaurs turned up riding on East Meg missiles, quite frankly. I do understand the need for fan service but this wasn’t it and less is sometimes more.
    Rich hit the nail on the head with his first Batman film vitriol. The screwing over of the Batman story, origins and characters is exactly the way I feel about what was done to Dredd. More so because we have never had a 60s camp version of Dredd to lighten the blow.
    But to agree with Her Geordiness, the city did indeed look great, but then The Phantom Menace had some great shots too. Sadly none of these shots were rapidly fired from a Lawgiver into Jar Jar’s badly beaten face as he begs for mercy.

    Hmmm…I digress.

    Don’t get me wrong, re-invention can be cleverly executed (the recent Star Trek film springs easily to mind) but the Dredd film couldn’t have been more full of wrong if a certain robot had turned up in Aspen’s shower block with a strap on and proceeded to give Dredd a “Walter wodgewing”.

    Speaking of which, the helmet thing is an issue. I read that Peter Weller struggled hard to convey emotion as Robocop while in the helmet and he is a far better and more versatile actor than Stallone, so I recognise the need for a lesser skilled man to whip it off. However, as your panel of esteemed reviewers picked up on, the moment was not one of significance. I can’t even remember it being in the script I read.
    As The Whittle points out with her strange accent, in the comic Dredd does indeed remove his helmet from time to time. Noticeably though, when he is on duty and in the presence of citizens or fellow officers this helmet stays on. One of the stories (“The Face Of Justice” from the Megazine) even had Dredd saying “the helmet is who I am” implying that he sees himself as the very embodiment of the Law and the Judges, and is less a man than an idea. This is something that only enhances his bearing and a film that blatantly disregards that ethic has already lost the feel of the character.

    One of the things that heartened and then worried me about the Stallone film is that it was touted that Stallone was a Dredd fan and had read up on the character to such an extent he was able to offer critical advice (the aforementioned story changes he demanded). My heart sank when I heard that he remarked something along the lines of “the film is based on a comic, why isn’t it funny?” It could be apocryphal, but I somehow don’t think so. That spiel that Stallone threw out some 15 years afterwards does little to move me. Will he do something similar in a few years for the shockingly awful remake of Get Carter he vomited up?
    The way I see it he was making that movie and requesting the changes so if it turned out to be a pile of poo then he should shoulder some of the blame and not be bleating about missed chances years later.

    When it came out on VHS, my mate bought me a copy. I used to keep it as a touchstone so that if I ever suspected a film I was going to watch was worse than that, I had to watch the Stallone movie instead. On the plus side, however, I can describe to you, in detail, the plots of each and every Uwe Boll film known to man or devil.

    PS Don’t let Stallone off just cos he has some disability issues. If he screws it up then he shouldn’t be in the role in the first place. Stephen Hawking may drive a mean chair but if he runs over my foot I’ll still chin the speak and spell prick and then pull him apart on his uncertainty principle.

    PPS Starship Troopers is an ace satire and I think the fact that Denise Richards almost smashes up the ship (but doesn’t as she is a self-absorbed pilot maths genius) is rather the point.
    Gutsy, reckless endangerment is the only way to defeat the bugs in a quasi-fascist society. Want to know more?

    PPPS Judge Academy would be comedy gold. Whack an eyepatch on Lassard to turn him into Principal Griffin, make Hightower speak like an early Judge Giant (don’t get me started…) and permanently hide Tackleberry’s face under a helmet.
    Of course you would have to have Anderson’s baby dinners nearly busting out of her uniform as Calaghan gets a Psi Division makeover, but I’m prepared to take the hit on it.

  2. And get grief for viewing “Big Bust Smashdown 2” over “Omar’s Black Crack Attack”?
    No chance…

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