7 comments on “Megacast ep5 – Colin MacNeil

  1. Thanks for that great interview, have been a fan of Colin for years and this is the first time i heard him speak, he sounds like a great big huggable bear, check out the drawing: http://doodlebums.blogspot.com/
    Colin really cares about the work and it shows in every panel, insurrection is a joy to read & cant wait till the next episode.


  2. That drawing is amazing!!! Really glad you enjoyed the interview – we had a brilliant time talking to Mr MacNeil – SUCH a lovely guy.

    • Hi, Colin meansioned a project he was doing for schools, something like hidandy? or something like that, but i cant find anything on net that sounds like that, could you post the web address he meansioned in the interview please.
      j newell

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  5. What a great interview and what a lovely bloke.
    As a committed misanthrope I am now doubting my whole raison d’etre.

    Oh, hang on…Glee is on telly. Yeah, that’s me back to normal.

    Keep up the fab work, ladies.

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