3 comments on “The Dredd movie uniform… why it WORKS

  1. Thank You sir for such a fantastic article
    from an intelligent perspective and a true fan. I’m so glad this article exists to explain such tactical points to the fanboys clamoring for Giant Gold eagles on shoulders and holsters on boots. Brilliant and a great read.

  2. I agree with what was said above. Unless the weapon in the boot is entirely concealed and intended for surprise (like boot knives, for instance) in cases when the first weapon is taken, or they think they disarmed you, a weapon at boot level is just asking to get snatched. Not a great idea, strategically.

  3. I hear the comments about the Judge uniform not being bespoke; but we have to be careful not to date ourselves by applying today’s standards too rigorously. The tech of Dredd’s world, even with its downtrodden urban problems, is easily up to the challenge of cheaply producing bespoke items of equipment. Materials science is such that even now we’re able to ‘print in 3D’. Fast forward to Dredd’s era, and I reckon this tech will have been taken to the nth degree.

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