3 comments on “Dark Judgement 2 reviews

  1. Couldn’t agree more with the reviews. I got back from a long weekend away on Tuesday and found my double pack waiting for me amongst the pile of bills and flotsam. I read both issues twice that night, so good were they. The little editorial at on the inside cover was a nice touch as I’d been unaware that the Dark Judges had been treated so badly in my absence, til I did some google based research the following day. Nevertheless both yourself and Conor did a superb job on two scrotnig pieces of art. Kudos all round!!

  2. Cool, glad you liked it. Really chuffed (and a little surprised) how well it’s being received by the 2000AD faithful. I’ll pass on your kind words to Conor as well

  3. Howdy. Noticed my review wasn’t on here so I checked my email and it had been sent. Unfortunately due to my use of several f-bombs and a c-nuke it had been blocked by work’s profanity filters. I’ll resend later and remove some of the docker language.

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