8 comments on “Even MORE new pics from the Dredd movie

  1. The set dressing in the first photo isn’t selling a MC-1 location to me. I dunno what location it’s meant to be but… I dunno… looks a bit too sparse. I’m a wee bit concerned the film is going to look a bit too cheap. Roll on trailer… 🙂

  2. Oh, I almost forgot – the second photo is by far my favourite image of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd. And I quite like the uniform in that photo.

  3. I think fans might like to know the following..

    This photo – released online yesterday – looks cool huh?


    Except *it’s not real*. The chin has been enlarged. I did two comparisons and the noses are level, the mouths are level but not the bottom of the chins:



    The chin is longer – it has definitely been altered to make Urban look more like Dredd. HAND
    ON HEART, I haven’t altered those images. If you don’t believe me, find the Empire cover on the net – Google Image it – and then compare it with the new photo of Urban. You will see the Empire chin is considerably shorter.

    Oh well, it’s a shame so-called ‘real’ photos have to be altered to pretend Urban looks the part.

    • I think you’re probably going slightly “Conspiracy theory” on this.
      It could of course just be that Urban knows the character and is occasionally pulling “the Dredd face”

      I doubt the filmakers feel the need to doctor a pic just to make his face look more like it does in the comics as the movie seems to be happy to do it’s own thing with regards design.

  4. Here’s one more comparison:


    It looks as if someone has dropped the mouth a fraction and the rest below has dropped. The chin does look longer. This sort of effect can be done with Photoshop. Not hard to do. It takes a few moments to do and it can make a very subtle difference to the overall look of the face.

    The other photos I’ve seen show him with a smaller looking chin so I’m sure that’s how he’ll look in the film. Most fans are more concerned about the helmet than the chin! 😛

  5. Uh, I looked at both of the photos (I’m a photographer too, I do weddings, portraits, etc) and what you aren’t taking into effect with both of these pics are Karl’s nostrils. In the Dredd pic, you see more of the inside of his nose, meaning he is tilting his head back to give a more menacing stance. I’ve done this in pics, you can even stick your chin out to look like a boss. The event shots that you are comparing to have thin nostrils, meaning Karl was doing chin down poses and it would make his chin look smaller in the shots. I mean, jeez….if they were gonna photoshop pre-release pics, all they’d have to do is cut and paste Dolph Lundgren’s face on everyone in the movie and call it a day.

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