11 comments on “Two new Dredd movie images

  1. I love it, but yeah that helmet does look massive, maybe its partly because the shoulder pads are tiny, so in the comics it all balances out better? (also, as its a realism look, I suppose as a Helmet it is normal if compared to say a motorcycle helmet) This is one of my most anticipated movies this year, and that’s saying a LOT as there’s lots of goodies this year.

    I do hope though, that whether or not this is a success (hope it is) but either way, I still hope one day to see the OTHER Dredd style on screen. The big chinned version with the zany punks, Mean Angel, ABC robots and Judge Death, but in the Simon Bisley style.

    And the only way I could see something like Bisley’s style would be CGI Mocap, (like Tintin) Thats the Dredd I’m hoping to see one day.

    Also, bout time we got some form of Slain, Nemesis the Warlock and Rogue Trooper on a screen of some sort? Even as animated?

  2. Can’t quite get over the scale of his helmet. Looks ridiculous. Getting a bit worried about this film now. Hopefully my fears are misplaced…

  3. trouble is, the Dredd helmet in the comic (example over here >>>>>) is unrealistically thin most of the time – if they made a movie helmet that thin people would say it looks like a rubbish cheap plastic prop instead of a “proper helmet”. So, make a “proper helmet” and people complain it looks too big – IT’S A HELMET! It has padding inside, earphones, oxygen system, whatever else. Realistically it would be as big as a Nasa moonlanding helmet! So to make it “motorcycle helmet” size (which is what it is peeps) is fine. (and it doesn’t look to big in the first photo)

  4. Overall I think they look good. I’d rate them the best photos so far. You can get a full understanding of the uniform – the way it works in the environments. They’re a lot better than some of the early photos. That one of Dredd in half shade with really sloping shoulders was awful!

    If I have to strike one negative chord – and why not, this is the internet – the moaner’s paradise! – the backdrops don’t shout out high budget. I’ve read the screenplay and it’s about as low tech and dingy as you can get.

    I hope the CGI and other special effects make if feel reasonably flashy in terms of it looking like a moderately expensive sci-fi film. DIstrict 9 looked impressive for its budget so let’s hope Dredd 2012 can copy that style.

    I’m not sure a slum block like Peach Trees is really what Wagner and all the early Dredd artists set out to achieve when they created MC-1. But I’m prepared to reserve judgement (pardon the Dredd-type pun) until the trailer but I’m not expecting anything looking that futuristic.

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  6. EVERYONE is crying out for a trailer… this film is out in September and still not a SINGLE live-action shot of this film has been seen (excluding dodgy GIFs and unfinished effects showreels).
    This film will live or die on the support of fans initially and then the mainstream and when the fans arent even getting a whiff of anything resembling even a teaser it’s not going to look good come Sept.

  7. I won’t lie, this looks rather dodgy. I would rather they not drag Dredd’s name through the mud here. Hopefully the production can cover up some of the obvious shortcomings that this film is bound to have. I will still see it however.

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