10 comments on “Too cool to kill

  1. I welcome this series! Although I enjoy NIKOLAI DANTE, I decided to wait until the entire saga is concluded before reading it. Many long years have passed, and dipping occasionally into the new Dante epics leaves me confused, like a blind man at a busy road junction. Any help elaborating on the story’s immense backstory is more welcome than a millionaire recipient of a horse-cock transplant at a Texan whorehouse.

  2. Great news! Gotta love Russia’s greatest rogue! Can’t wait to get stuck into this retrospect…….maybe I should considere starting one…….nah. Best slog through this Zarjaz i’ve yet to even start reading.

  3. Right three things to say here.
    One – this series looks awsome! I toast you Mr Page for putting the effort in here.
    Two – M Allen, do you want to team up with me, Orlock and Ratty Cole to write about your top three characters/series of 2000AD?
    Three – For Orlock and Ratty Cole, the criteria is for you to choose your top 3 series/characetrs to have appeared in both/either 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine excepting Dredd. once you’ve done that essentially write loads about how and why you love them!

  4. Fantastic and not just cos you said nice things about me (thank you sir).

    Really looking forward to this as I’ve started my Dante re-read, assuming by the time I get to the end it’ll have finished in the Prog so it’ll be great to see an perspective on this.

  5. Thanks for all your kind words. The first entry is all but done. It should be sent before the weekend!

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