30 comments on “Final Dredd movie poster released

  1. Wait a mo, doesn’t the film come out here on the 7th? and in America on the 21st? Yanks get the poster first but we get the film before ’em… I can live with that.

  2. This is the kind of poster that make’s you feel PUMPED!
    Where’s Mr. Scojo now, eh? If this ain’t Dredd in the flesh then he ain’t the fan he think’s he is.

    • Blow-Joe is even now adapting this to feature…
      A) The Stallone “costume”
      B) Alex Garland’s name on the burning block to the right
      C) A pose that makes this look like a poster for Magic Mike

  3. It’s a blatant copy of the Daredevil film poster:

    I guess an original looking Dredd film poster was too much to expect. 😦

    • Scojo. Go suck a pipe. You can’t even recognise that it’s inspired by a shot shown MULTIPLE TIME’S in America, considered by many to be the best Dredd tale of them all. Your clearly not much of a Dredd fan, just some sad little man who like’s to piss everyone off as hard as you can and fail to achieve even a low level of annoyance.

      My advice can be summed up in three words. Go f**ck yourself.

  4. Direct comparison:

    Similar pose, similar background, similar angle, similar roof. A total copy. It’s a shame because it’s a lovely image and would look cool as a 2000AD cover but couldn’t they have come up with a more original cover, a different pose, a different angle?

    Very unoriginal (like the plot!). And the title is naff:

    DREDD 3D

    I reckon


    was the most appropriate title to use.

  5. Also, on Ain’t It Cool someone called Sauchieboy has jumped on this comparison after others mentioned it first. Who is Sauchieboy you ask? Well according to Blow-Joe, it is none other than Wagner himself.

    Dreddhead here is of course Blow-Joe (note the syntax and use of smileys) and I like the way he says that that it has to be Wagner and not some loon impersonating him when in fact it plainly now is.

    What a fucking ballbag.

  6. The poster sums up everything I dislike about this film. It’s too unoriginal. I don’t know if this film is good, bad or indifferent, but the film reeks of unoriginality and it’s why I’ve never supported it.

    Why copy a poster that’s been done for another comic book film?
    Why have Dredd chase a van at the SPOILER REMOVED when it was done in the first act of Robocop?
    Why have Dredd trapped in a block when it’s been done in Die Hard?
    Why do slo-mo when bullet time did something similar?
    Why use slo-mo when stookie would be more specific to Dredd’s world?
    Why redesign the Dredd uniform but use an almost identical badge design to the Versace version?
    Why call the title DREDD 3D when it’s so B movie sounding?
    Why call one block ‘Peach Trees’ when the rest of the blocks are named after people?
    Why is the main perp a hooker when Mega-City 1 is full of so many other colourful villains and characters?

  7. Perhaps Sauchieboy is a loon but he knows a heck of a lot about Judge Dredd and is promoting this film on many forums. He is posting like someone with a vested interest in this film. I wouldn’t stake my life on Sauchieboy being John Wagner but he acts like he might be Mr Wagner!

    It’s worth noting that Sauchieboy has never commented about the plot of this new film. He’s made all sorts of comments about the uniform – he described it as “shit” on Total Film’s forum – he’s mentioned the vehicles, the look of the city, the actors, loads of other stuff, but not mentioned the plot or what he feels about the plot. If John Wagner were in disguise I doubt he would mention the plot just in case someone saved his “quotes” and brought them up at a future date. The closest he’s ever got to mentioning the plot is when he suggested if a Judge Dredd film needs to be a pure action film. He suggested doing a democracy storyline.

  8. The Daredevil poster just rips of the cover for the first issue of Joss Whedon’s Fray. What goes around comes around.

  9. I would expect no less of Judge Chin than to fail to recognize an iconic image from one of the most significant Dredd stories of all time.

  10. You have to agree with Scojo, this is so unoriginal. I mean having Dredd as a cop, fucks sake!!!
    He should be a school teacher who stumbles on a sinister plot or something and suddenly have special powers to bring down the criminals. Don’t set it in any building, or any place that we have seen used before on planet Earth, just in case some fucker says that scenario has been used before!

    FUCKING HELL SCOJO, here’s an idea, why don’t you wait till you’ve watched the film before you winge and moan about it. I shall be meeting Mr Wagner tomorrow and I wouldn’t even bother lowering myself to your level by asking him if he is as you believe using another persona to slag off the film!

    I’ve met Alex Garland and Karl Urban and they really showed their knowledge and love for the character and want the fans to enjoy the film as well as the action film fan and so I’m well happy.

    By the way, call yourself a fan and you don’t know why the Block is called that name!!!

  11. Scojo lost the right to call himself a fan years ago. An ignorant, disgusting little twerp who does his best to destroy something, especially something he hasn’t even seen yet, is not the act of a fan. It’s certainly not the act of anyone with any intelligence.

    Even though the film seems to be getting universally positive reviews, he keeps banging his little drum, sounding more and more desperate with every deluded beat. What a wanker.

  12. You know, it never fails to surprise me, there’s always a numb-nut trying to put a damper on everyone else smiles. It’s a shame really, if those people actually left the safety of there little bedrooms and cuddly toys they might actually find they could connect with other people, make friends, enjoy the company of other, cheer for things just because their friends are cheering, they may even get a life, you never know… but then again, probably not.

    There’s one fundamental difference between the Daredevil poster and the Dredd poster, DD is utterly laughable and Dredd makes you feel cool about being a long term fan.

    • Don’t let Sausageboy/Blow-Joe or whatever other name he goes under dampen your moods. Look upon him as the flat earther or a member of the Westboro Baptist Church and pity the loon for his delusions.

      With the trailer, poster (clearly done for ‘the draw’) and Wagner’s blessing I am actually looking forward to this.

  13. It’s an okay one-sheet, nothing mind-blowing, but does the job it’s meant to do. Maybe a little more still-life (like the teaser poster) would have been better, and maybe more of an action shot, but all things considered, it gets across the gist of the move; gritty, dark, explosive, and visceral… and if it gets the general audience interested, then mission accomplished. Besides, it’s the actual film that counts, and if THAT trailer doesn’t get you giddy with excitement, then you ain’t a JD fan full stop…

  14. Corrected! An easy error to make. Ooops.

    I think that’s a better tagline then “Judgement Is Coming” which was used in the teaser poster. Why repeat the same tagline in the teaser and final posters? Seems silly.

  15. Judge Dredd uniform remix:

    The version on the right is closer to the spirit of the 2000AD uniform and doesn’t look like padded SWAT man. As Sauchieboy said about the Dredd 2012 uniform: “Dredd looks like Boba Fett wearing an anorak.”



    would have worked! I think it’s cool. It’s easy to remember, sums up Dredd’s character. 🙂 🙂

  17. ‘As Sauchieboy said about the Dredd 2012 uniform: “Dredd looks like Boba Fett wearing an anorak.”’

    Laughing at his own jokes, pretending he is two different people who share exactly the same opinion, photoshop that sucks elephant balls.

    The crime is being a douche. The sentence is this…

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