7 comments on “ECBT2000AD EP94 – Dredd Fan Screening Special

  1. The fan reaction to the film has been exceptionally positive. I’m going to eat humble pie if I see this film and it’s actually good. I’ll blame Karl Urban Pacification for tricking me into thinking it was crap. 🙂

  2. Nice to see a review which mentions all the stuff I’ve been moaning about for over a year or more!

    Hollywood Reporter review mentions:

    “The limited location, computer game-style plot and muted humour of Dredd 3D may disappoint hardcore fans of the comic book. ”


    Overall it is a very positive review but it’s nice to see a review which does highlight what the film is missing rather than going the somewhat ignorant route and just praising it for being hardcore violent and gritty and failing to understand the comic strip had broad comedy, satire and absurdity. It would have been nice had the audio blog review of Dredd 3D actually mentioned this. This is not the definitive film version of Judge Dredd (taking into account the lower budget).

    Personally speaking, when I think of a Judge Dredd type plot for a film I don’t think of Die Hard. I stand by all my comments that Mr Garland is a hack. All he’s done is take Die Hard/Escape From New York/Bullet Time from Max Payne and Robocop 2’s gang and stuck them in some slummy version of Mega-City 1. John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra and the rest can kid themselves this is how to do a Judge Dredd film but they’re just lying to the public because they want people to see it (I don’t blame them for that). But it’s just public relations spin. This film maybe very good fun but it’s a cynical, one dimensional take on Judge Dredd’s world by a writer with no understanding of the source material.

  3. Sir, will you please sod off and leave those who actualy care about 2000AD to there self’s you annoying little snot.

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