3 comments on “Judge Minty Interview #5 – Michael Carroll

  1. “Someone needs to make a fan-film version of my Judge Dredd story
    “Caterpillars”! Seriously, the universe will be completely
    out-of-whack until that gets made.”

    He needs to get past that. It’s a good story, but it is no Judge Tyrannosaur or Dead Judges Society or anything…

    • It was my first ever Dredd, over a year ago now.
      My mind would implode should a film be addapted from it.

  2. Didn’t the main character take her top off at the end?
    I think he’s just trying to get in on the casting… the man’s an animal!

    Really tho I dont think you were supposed to take that any more seriously than his awesome comment on the brilliant Cardiff Expo 2000AD panel we unfortunately weren’t allowed to post up as a podcast due to…. external factors. Fucking external factors 😦

    Question – Whats the best thing about 2000AD
    Mike’s answer – Anything with me in it.

    The guy’s a star.

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