6 comments on “Judge Minty debuts at Thought Bubble

  1. That’s very kind of you – Minty and Dredd are two different animals, creators and fans are always going to be generous towards something that’s faithful to something they love, so I think we have an easier ride than something that wants to appeal to the general audience.

    Just glad that people are enjoying it, and it will be great to get it seen at more cons/festivals and beyond.

  2. Ouch! That remark by John Wagner that ‘…Minty’ is a better film than ‘Dredd’ is a bit of a kick in the teeth to Alex Garland and co – intentional or not — who worked extremely hard to get a proper and representative JD movie to cinemas worldwide… and succeeded too, regardless of the eventual box-office reception! I get that creators will always prefer visions closer to their own, but maybe Wagner should just have said nothing in comparing a fan film to a professional theatrically-released one… that being said, well done to all ‘…Minty’ cast and crew, can’t wait to see it myself.

    Now how about a new fan film featuring the Dark Judges…?

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