16 comments on “ECBT2000AD Ep103

  1. The reason why they can’t reprint the missing Cursed Earth episodes is not because of copyright infringement or the degree of risks within British or American satire laws but because in the original lawsuit when IPC got sued the judgement given – or settlement reached – was that a retraction would be published in the comic and they had to make a legal ‘promise’ that they’d never reprint the stories ever again and legally they’d be liable to another lawsuit by merely breaking that promise. Copyright/slander is not the problem at this stage.

    What’s the point taking a risk for so little return, a risk that could plausibly jeopardise both Rebellion and 2000AD’s future.

    • I presume it’s because the legal action was against the original material so it doesn’t matter who owns it. They could theoretically make those individual episodes ‘public domain’, then anyone who wants could print them but that could have its own pitfalls concerning ownership.

  2. Depends on the deal when buying the 2000AD property, presumably it’s also included any pre-existing agreements/liabilities.

    Only Rebellion know for sure, but that they steer well clear indicates that there’s a very good reason not to reprint the strips, otherwise they would make the most of it.

  3. Sort of a major exclusive…

    A person who I believe is John Wagner (no wind-up!) has said Wagner has written a six month Judge Dredd epic for 2013. This guy actually claimed he was John Wagner on IMDB Dredd forum – (long story, I won’t bore people with the details!) so if there is a six month Dredd epic in 2013 (by Wagner) I think Sauchieboy – that’s the guy’s name – is John Wagner.

  4. Here is his actual quote from Empire’s 2000AD forum thread………….


    “Maybe all that will change when Wagner decides to spend more time on his alpaca farm, but he’ll be back with another six month-long epic next year and there’s another four years till he reaches official retirement age – and there’s no reason he can’t keep on hammering out classics like Day of Chaos and Tour of Duty for years yet if he chooses to do so.”

    If he’s right then this guy is John Wagner.

  5. Yeah, from what little I know of the legalities of restriction, the only way to do as Joe suggests and go down the public domain route. The only trouble will be access. Will having the pdfs available for free download from the site count as “reprinting” or can they hide this behind an exclaimer saying that the downloads are for personal use and not for redistribution/printing?

    • May or may not be relevent, but when UK distributers Shameless Screen Entertainment submited Lucio Fulci’s New York Ripper to the BBFC in 2011 the movie was slightly cut to remove a nipple piercing seen. In 2009 Massmino Dallamano’s Venus in Furs was cut to remove a rape seen that dippicted the victem as slowly enjoying the experience. The cut was 1 minute. Both cut scene’s are available to be viewed on Shameless website, so despite being illegal to distribute an uncut version of the films (Though it is legal to import uncut copys from the US) it is legal to show the movie in there entirety on the internet. If term’s of fair use and disstrubution can also be applied to the ‘banned’ episodes of The Cursed Earth then having them available online as a PDF shouldn’t be do hard to do.

  6. Has the podcast thread been deleted from the 2000AD boards? I haven’t been on in about five months, not even to lurk so I am massively out of touch.

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