3 comments on “ECBT2000AD Ep104

  1. Nice four way with lots of very good points.
    One quibble. Strontium Dog: The Final Solution has undergone some insulting retcon. As I understand it, the Feral Is A Filthy Liar version relies on all of the other eyewitnesses (the Goblins) forgetting that they saw Johnny reduced to bones right in front of them. Or if that never happened, then when the portal opened (without the requisite human sacrifice) they somehow missed Feral dragging Alpha’s body across the threshold. Utter shite.

    • Indeed. Having just finished reading The Final Solution for the first time I now feel a certain displearue for my once highly regarded Life and Death of Johnny Alpha trade. That’s one poorly executed retcon. Also, didn’t Strontium Dogs and Durham Red try and bring Johnny back from the dead in the 90’s? So that’s retconed also?

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