5 comments on “Prog 1813 review 2

  1. I’m curious actually…. do you have to manually navigate around the page on the iphone or is it guided panel to panel? Have seen some comics which are and some which arent

  2. You have to navigate around the page. If you go down the comixology route though it’s panel to panel. What I’m doing is getting myself a month’s sub to 2000Ad on the ipod to see if it’s any decent. So far so good!

  3. I’ve gone digital now but as I have an ipad it’s all full screen.
    I’ve said before but I still think of the progs as disposable. 2000AD dont mind, it means I buy trades of the stuff I love

    • Just to expand on that “manual navigation” point. What I really like is controlling the zooming and panning, particularly on that gorgeous Ampney, Strontium Dog and Savage art. If the app did the panel navigation for me, then I wouldn’t get that.

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