3 comments on “The Best Event Comic of 2012

  1. Frankly, the New 52 hasn’t been very good from what I can tell. Besides Batman, Batwoman, and Animal Man there was nothing to show that this would be a great way for someone to start reading DC comics. Blue Beetle was the only series from either of the big two I read avidly (Vertigo aside) and they went and fucked it up in the reboot! Trifecta disserves this spot, no matter how convoluted and stupid it may have got, it still best’s alot of either Marvel or DC’s efferts. But now i’m raging so i’ll shut up.

  2. Read quite a lot of New 52 and there’s been hits and misses. Catwoman rocked till they pussied out (no pun intended) and toned it down after complaints, the bat books have all been really good, JLA has been fun, Aquaman has managed to make the character interesting, All Star Western has been really enjoyable and different.

    I much preferred Trifecta as two of its three solo ingredients than as its whole and the final part didnt work for me at all. The journey to that finale though, especially in Low Life was a lot of fun though.
    The hype around it at the moment is, to be honest, totally baffling to me. I feel like I read something totally different to what everyone esle seems to have read.

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