9 comments on “It’s Dredd Day!… +1

  1. Watched it in 2D last night, having seen it in 3D at the cinema, and enjoyed it even more. Without those bloody glasses on the colours really shone, and the slo-mo effects were less about ‘bringing beauty into an ugly society’ than they were about creating something close to the pacing of action you get frame-by-frame in a painted comic.

    I’ll probably watch it again tonight.

  2. Had mine on the Doormat in Hengoed (Yes more Welshmen) on Saturday morning.
    Then had to endure an 8 hour wait till the wifebot would let us watch it, but when we did it was just as good as When it was viewed in 3D.
    Any one else think the menu’s looked a little ……um….mid 90’s? (layout, colour & fonts etc) or am I just being a picky SOAB?

  3. Still no release date for Mordor so I may have to get my nephew to get this shipped over when he sends me Skyrim.

    • Can’t you get the Aussie disc cheaper? I hear the colour is sightly saturated in the UK BD so that may be the better route. I have both (and a few others) on order anyway so…

      • Aussie disc it is! Providing they haven’t all been burnt to a crisp I shall get one ordered immediately. Well thought, sir!

      • Get the U.S. Region 1 disc, the picture is nigh on flawless and you get ALL special features included across the varying regions…

    • Bah! And here I was thinking I was never employed in the first place! I’ll report on here when i’ve gathered all 4 editions I’ve ordered as to which seem’s the superior version.

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