3 comments on “2000AD Prog 1814 : Review 1

  1. “(although the Martian Axolotl is several times larger than ours)”
    ‘Looks at pet Axolotl, Norman’ Understatment, of the fucking century! Oh but M-AL-kun, how we do love thou reviews.

  2. And now my turn…..

    Cover – Brilliant piece of kit. It sets out what’s to be achieved (a propaganda portrait) and does it. Positioning expressions and color all top-notch.

    Dredd – Not brilliant but it keeps things ticking along.

    Red Seas – The double splash page was good. Whenever he NEEDS to be good, Yeowell does a decent enough job. I just wish there was somebody better doing it (like Gallagher, bagwell etc). I mean look at the last panel; IT’S AWFUL! but still, the art conveys a sense of epicness, exactly what Edginton wants to convey in this ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny (!).

    Savage – Exciting, intelligent, deep, violent and brilliant art! Mills is back on form lads!

    Ampney – Well, this is interesting……

    Strontium Dog – Decent.

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