6 comments on “Howard Chaykin’s Dredd cover… with a familiar Lawmaster

  1. That Chaykin cover is terrible, there’s something about a lot of the IDW covers, Dredd just doesn’t look right, he’s too muscular and end up looking too bulked out in the uniform. Shows how difficult it is to draw Dredd properly.

  2. The two versions look slightly different—mainly in that Chaykin’s is tilted slightly away from us while Carter’s is tilted slightly towards us. Is there more than one design for the motorcycle? Chaykin may very well have used the Carter image for reference, but if he had to redraw it from a different angle in perspective, it wouldn’t be a swipe.

  3. The slight differences are down to my lack of photoshop skills to be honest.
    There was another version of this where someone who knew their stuff had rotated and resized the pic and it was 100%
    Again, that might be cool, I dont know the rules for licenced stuff. But I think you’d struggle to argue the bike wasnt a cut and paste

  4. Key point. No two artists draw the Lawmaster the same. There are always different eagles, exhausts or lights. As far as I can tell these are damn near identical.

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