7 comments on “2000ad’s lost little brother Revolver – 90s misfire?

  1. I just recently rediscovered my copy of issue 1 of Revolver which was signed by Grant Morrison and Rian Hughes all those years ago.

  2. I have these somewhere, can’t remember if I have read them or not but plan to in the near future.

    I am currently wading through my all but issue 8 collection of Crisis, not sure if I am going to keep these or put them on ebay. The overly political, preachy and somewhat dull tone of WW3 and still unclear storyline of New Statesmen aren’t doing them any favours and the enticement of getting rid of another box is strong.

    The Meg certainly had some atrocious periods, I have them all as a completist, but the darkest days really did push me. I seem to remember the lowest point being an article on pirates.

    Couldn’t believe it was in there and was nearly moved to write in and ask them if they were taking the piss.

    It has improved immeasurably and I have just finished reading 12 issues at once after not having bothered for a year, although £5.60 a month has made me stop and question it sometimes.

    And throughout it all, 1844 bagged, boarded and boxed 2000ads, alongside all the specials and annuals they printed.

  3. I have several of these comics + a poster. Could anyone tell me what kind of price I could expect from selling the lot in a bundle? They’re all very good condition and I’m pretty certain I have most (if not all) of the series.

  4. I loved this and was super pissed when it stopped because it was way better than anything else on the shelf for a 12 year old ..had huge influences on my graff and is only remember the guy with the eyes in his yard and the Hendrix strip.also printed nicely ..had elements of Vaughn bode colour profiles..

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