3 comments on “Review – Zarjaz 18

  1. Hi Sandsy. Thank you for taking the time to write this review – as an amateur writer I find it difficult to get useful reviews.

    Although I am obviously disappointed that my Max Normal script wasn’t better received I found your observations to be most helpful. It seems that in trying to be subtle I have gone too far and strayed into the realms of obscurity – which is good to know. Hopefully I can rectify this in the future and improve my technique.

    Thanks again for this priceless review, Sandsy – it does exactly what I need a good review to do; helps me to continue learning the craft!

  2. “The detail and professionalism of it hit me in the face with a skin-splitting force” Reviews like this make it all worthwhile. But if you see my name on anything again, please wear protective headgear!

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