4 comments on “The Megacast Presents – 2000AD Thought Bubble Panel 2013

  1. I was the guy tasked with supplying the PA in that room this year, just to provide some fill sound at the back if needed – if they ask me again next year, I’ll be providing a manner to record straight off the mixer so we can get a clearer recording. I’ll be doing my best to encourage TB to enhance the experience in there, too. A little too pop-up / ‘huddled around the campfire’ vibe for me!

  2. Thanks Anon, appreciate that 🙂 it’s not something weve asked for before as I tend to get the iPad out and record.

    Cheers, Eamonn, We knew the sound was fuzzy but we’ve always recorded our 2000AD panels off the cuff as an additional bonus, with varying degrees of clarity at each one. A pro set-up would be aces but as we’re not pro’s ourselves we tend to have a bit of a gung-ho attitude as we’re so distracted with squeezing in the prep time for the actual panel.. 🙂

    We do this with our own resources so when, in the future, events start recording panels as podcasts it’ll all sound super-cool.

    Hope this is not sounding like I’m defensive – just trying to explain we’re not pros so thats why the stuff we put out ain’t perfect.

    Cheers all 🙂

  3. I really appreciate you recording and posting all the toothy panels, especially as I wasn’t able to get to this one even though I was at Thought Bubble that day.
    It would be great if the conventions would record and broadcast the panels but I presume there are various cost and legal issues that stop them. That was the gist of what TB said to me in a tweet

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