5 comments on “Prog 10 – ESW2000AD Podcast

  1. Any chance of separating out the streams?

    And keeping Rich and Flint away from The Megazine and Everything Starts…

    The level of swearing just jumps, and would save me all that fast forwarding.

  2. Dear Dominic,


    If the swearing bothers you…I think there are a few podcasts on gardening and trainspotting. Who knows…there may be a podcast that combines both! Imagine the thrill of listening to a podcast without the swearing or without Flint and Rich. Oh the joy!

    Again. Nope.

  3. Just wanted to chip in on the two points :
    Seperate feeds. No chance. You have to pay to put up a podcast. One feed for all of it is one cost, a seperate feed for each of the three regular podcasts would triple the outlay so as we get nothing back for this it’s just not gonna happen. Current time and financial outlays are more than enough

    On the me and Flint thing. Yup, we’re obnoxious bastards. However we do alway very clearly pre warn people with the explicit tag and the “As always, not suitable for kids or the easily offended” note. Also the Megacast and ESW are run TOTALLY by the ladies so if we are on it’s coz we are invited, not because we’re throwing any weight around if that was the implication.

    Podcasts have always had that “bullshitting about comics in the pub” feel. Due to the people involved both on this and the website that’s always gonna make it all jokey and un-polite. It’s a hobby bottom line so if we aren’t having fun there’s no point.

  4. To expect people to alter their method of speech for a podcast is ridiculous. This isn’t going out on BBC1 at 3pm on Christmas Day and warnings about language are given on each podcast.
    I once listened to two skeptical podcasts from the USA and there was a link on these to a podcast from a Merseyside group of skeptics. Since this was from my home county I gave it a listen and the air was turned blue within thirty seconds. It was quite a jolt but I quickly adapted as I realised that is simply the way the hosts talked and was far removed from the two other American podcasts I had listened to. It was also reflective of the way I talk too so that was a mirror to my own speech and vocabulary which is somewhat reminiscent of a road worker who has dropped a paving stone on his foot. I have since listened to yet another American podcast that tops this level of f-bombing quite extensively. Horses for course, I reckon.
    However, none of the swearing bothers me in the slightest as I listen for the points being made, not the way they are made. The latter is merely a reflection of the passion of the hosts and not done for shock value or to send children away with bleeding ears.

    We all have different sensibilities and finding a balance between these is often a challenge but I personally feel that you don’t get honesty and free flowing conversation from someone who is being pressured to speak in a way that is unnatural to them. For most people, swearing is a part of modern vernacular and syntax so you have to either like it or lump it.

    I honestly hope you keep listening.

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