5 comments on “Rogue Trooper – A Potted History. Part I

  1. “GFD had had enough, and was outers.”

    I believe he was fired from 2000AD (or if you prefer, not asked to write anymore material for the comic)! That was his last series for 2000AD. Pat Mills said he felt GFD should have stayed with 2000AD and his contribution was never fully appreciated.

  2. Nice start!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with The War Machine, which should have been left alone as a one off re-imagining that got rid of the contrivances (chips ending up in equipment that matched their name, ground war being fought for a black hole nearby, etc) and played it as a bare bones “war is shit” tale told from the sharp end. Interaction between the chips not being necessary when all the malfunctioning Friday had to remember his fallen comrades by was their kit, bequeathed on death. It was a far cry from the crazy and sanitised warfare of GFD.

    One thing about the Quartz Zone and the lone survivor business. One of the Annuals had a breakdown of the chips and stated that Helm died separate to the Quartz Zone massacre, which is supported by Prog 235 where a handful of GIs survived the massacre and made it to the Scum Sea before the Norts got them.

    Never got the idea of the GI Dolls. Apart from the sexist angle of them not doing any fighting but being glorified assistants and sexual relief, why would you have sexually active GIs (Rogue had a slug of Digi-Pinups!) in the first place who might get distracted by poon instead of slotting the bad guys? Helm later was meant to marry one of these dolls so can we assume they can procreate too?
    It was fucking nuts.

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