3 comments on “Prog 1877 vs Meg 347 ….. another take!

  1. “Sinister Dexter: The Generican Dream
    Speaking of which…. here are two dogs who really are on their last legs and need to be put down. The plot is beyond generic and the dialogue is excruciating with the ‘F’ word (that’s ‘funt’) WAY over-used to little effect. Unfortunately the art by Smudge drags the whole thing even further back into the days of Battle Action and its ilk. A real low point, this has really run its course now.”

    Yeah, I share your view. The strip feels so tired and hollow. Dan Abnett going through the motions for his fee. Makes me have less regard for Abnett. He’s a good writer (sometimes) but I wouldn’t much care if he never wrote another 2000AD story. Sorry, Dan, I’ve had funtin’ enough of his writing style on Sin Dex and Grey Area. Insurrection was good and Kingdom was okay. But overall he’s become a hack 2000AD writer. Just my opinion, of course. Sure others would disagree.

  2. Abnet will always garner my respect for Insurrection and Kingdom, and as much as I enjoyed Eurocrash, Sin/Dex massively needs a shot of SOMETHING to give it…..SOMETHING! Filler is an awful word to apply to a comic, but this Sin/Dex story feels like it really. Even last years considerably more fun run had the great art of Burns and Davis to lend it credit. I’m sure Smudge as talent but he sure isn’t showing his best here. To compare it to Battle Action is an insult to the late great BPW!

    • Yes, sorry, the comparison to Battle Action was a bad one, BA was way better than this. I thought Insurrection (all 3 books) was one of the best series’ to have run for the last 10 years, like Kingdom also which is why this is so disappointing as he’s obviously a great writer.

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