4 comments on “The 2000AD Sci-Fi Special : A spoiler free look

  1. Who are you, good sir, if I may enquire? (because there doesn’t seem to be any credit on the review!)

    That Fay Dalton gal is one hell of a talent, her artwork was the highlight in the last series of Sexy Ostriches. And I agree; I want to see more from her, not just a couple of pages (as was the case in American Reaper) but a whole series featuring her artwork.

    Excellent review by the way! Can’t wait to getting my hands on a copy. 🙂

    • Oh yeah… sorry. If I dont put a big “REVIEW BY” at the start it’ll be me. I probably should tag them really

  2. I’m staring at that cover very hard and cannot for the life of me decide if I really hate it or really love it. Hm.

    I’ll sadly be off on holiday a few days after this is out, so I’ll unfortunately have to wait a couple of weeks before getting a copy. A damn shame because I certainly wouldn’t mind me some Robo Hunter, and the more Fay Dalton, the better, I say (someone seriously ought to give her a full series of her own).

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