10 comments on “Questions for Keith Richardson and Pye Parr

  1. Will Judge Dredd – Lawman Of The Future ever be collected in a trade paperback? If not, what obstacles are preventing it from happening?

  2. Pye – what do you make of the criticism sometimes directed towards the intrusion of cover images over one or other of the mastheads? What’s the thinking behind having two logos on the cover?

  3. Keith – What would be your dream merchandise. (Apart from an IP-infringement seeking missile)

  4. Keith – Per the FCBD 2014 Edition – Daily Star Dredd Volume 1 is coming soon. How many volumes are planned? Will it only reprint the Ron Smith and Ian Gibson drawn strips, or will it cover everything? And will the volumes contain the strips in the order they were originally published?

  5. Pye – What is the process for creating cover images for particular progs and are artists given a cover brief or thumbnail, or do they just submit their own ideas for approval?

  6. Pye – why do digital copies of 2000ad split up double page spreads and wraparound covers into single pages?

  7. Keith – Is the any chance of the Burger Wars arc of the Cursed Earth ever being republished, given that it has been nearly 40 years and it may be now viewed as the satire that it was. Is Rebellion bound by IPC’s settlement?

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