One comment on “Comics Unmasked Review

  1. “- Cursed Earth Burger Wars controversy – this was news to me, but apparently IPC had to settle out of court with some large American burger concerns after they were sued for a Cursed Earth story in which rival burger gangs headed by Burger King and Ronald McDonald have some sort of post apocalyptic gang warfare thing going on. According to the exhibition, part of the settlement involved never reprinting the strip, and publishing a story in which Dredd accepts corn from the Jolly Green Giant. This sounds bat-shit crazy to me, but I guess it must have happened. I dare Rebellion to do a reprint.”

    They weren’t sued by either Burger chain nor do I believe did they complain. The manufacturers of Jolly Green Giant -General Mills- were the company who took umbrage to the use of their character and an agreement was made that the story never be published again and an apology printed in 2000AD”

    The Burger War story was also withdrawn from publication to safeguard against any potential legal action.

    None can be reprinted.

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