5 comments on “Meg 348 Review – Orlok

  1. So pointless and irrelevant was the Smiley cameo, I’d forgotten it happened – same as Trifecta. Funny and perceptive review.

  2. “The Summer Special expose was pointless. If you bought it, this was irrelevant. If you didn’t buy it, why would you want to read this?”

    To showcase the strips in the special and get readers interested in buying it. It’s possible some fans might want to see examples of the artwork and story content *before* shelling out the cash and this preview is a way of doing that. That’s what previews are for. *To promote products*. Your comment is rather foolish and ignorant.

    • What Burdis said. You don’t promote your products to those who would almost certainly already have them. Instead, take up some pages in a publication that might draw in new readers (John gives a prime example) and use the spare space in the Meg to develop new talent.
      Foolish and ignorant would be say, throwing one’s teddy in the corner over the Closet story and threatening to never read the prog again.

  3. A preview in the Meg, which many readers of the Prog don’t buy, waste of time if you ask me! If you are buy the Meg, then the chances are you’d probably buy the Special anyway. Put something like that in Comic Heroes, SFX or a similar mag like that…

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