5 comments on “Review : Brass Sun issue 1

  1. I absolutely adore Brass Sun, but sadly cannot see myself picking up this US format comic due to the fact I’ve read it in the pages of 2000ad already and of course, the cost.

    But I sincerely hope it does well; it’s a superb series which needs to be seen and read by a larger audience, and the early reviews are very encouraging.

    Excellent review by the way! 😉

      • I didn’t like the story, or the art 😉

        Perhaps it will read better in this US version but I don’t think I will ever bother to reread it (time is valuable) but you never know.

        I only bought it due to the collecting illness that I have LOL

  2. You’re not the only one, John – on the collecting front that is! 😉

    Gotta say I have a kinda soft spot for Brass Sun, the reason of which I’ve outlined on the forum! 🙂

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