5 comments on “Some news from Book Expo America

  1. ‘Jaegir’ Sweet Jesus. What a bad one to release to the US Market. Maybe their hoping to cash in on Coleby’s brilliant art. His ‘Royals’ work is amazing. But storywise…this is a huge dude.

  2. It’s a weird choice TBH. That said my Rogue Trooper fu is very weak and I didnt feel lost at all. Didn’t love it week to week but the last installment was really cool and overall it felt like a good opening chapter to a new character collection. Did feel more like something aimed at a collection which is probably why I didnt enjoy it so much in bits.

    Still tho, not what I would have chosen but then I’d NEVER have chosen Brass Sun and that seems to be going over well. Whatever works

  3. ‘Brass Sun’ doesn’t have baggage. Also, Edgington and Culbard are known in the US. It has a unique enough look to make it stand out…and regardless of how you feel about the story…it makes logical sense. ‘Jaegir’ is a hodge podge of idiot logic and bad dialogue!

    Does this comment lead you on a merry dance, my child? See…utter bollocks!

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