6 comments on “A Friday night post of random rubbish

  1. Red Rover Charlie is probably my favorite comic of this year even though it’s a bit slight and the art’s a bit dodgy. I also read the first three issues of Ennis’ (also very good) Caliban. Between the two titles, I’m definitely getting the impression Ennis doesn’t like cats very much…

  2. Yeah, Caliban is awesome. Thanks for the heads up on Red Rover Charlie, Richard; I always have a soft spot for animals in comics (Beasts of Burden comes to mind) so will definitely check it out. 🙂

  3. How could I NOT have known about Mad Max/The Road for dogs? A belated Happy Birthday/sorry about the hangover, Rich, and since no-one else has made the traditional joke yet … THAT HELMET’S TOO BIG.

    Either that, or the nice young lady in the picture is very small. Worryingly small …

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