4 comments on “Megacast 334

  1. H V Derci only appears as a letterer credit on D’Israeli’s work. Knowing his love of a pun, including his writing pseudonym of Molly Eyre, I suspect the H might stand for “Harry”.

  2. Another fantastic, if non-canon, Megacast.
    Couple of things…
    1. Flint is right. The tense was all wrong in the statement about Dredd’s eyes being lost “in a future that will never happen”. The event occurred in an alternate 2120 so even from a temporal distortion perspective that is still in the past here. Dredd could only have said this in the way stated up until 2120. After that he should be saying “a future that did not happen”.

    2. Anderson is 56 in modern money. She was born in 2080.

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