3 comments on “2000ad Prog 1887

  1. Preview of 2000AD Prog 1900!

    London’s Pope of Crime investigates a series of hideous murders in Stickleback: The Thru’penny Opera by Ian Edginton and D’Israeli.

    Gene the Hackman defends an outpost from Them in Kingdom: Aux Drift by Dan Abnett and Richard Elson.

    Pat Mills and John Higgins collaborate once more on a new Greysuit series ‘Prince of Darkness,’ as Secret Service agent John Blake is back under the control of his masters, but for how long?

    And Judge Dredd creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra team up for a new case for the lawman, ‘Block Judge!’

    Tharg mentioned the new Wagner/Ezquerra Judge Dredd story is an “epic” so it sounds as if it will be quite long.

    Prog 1900 arrives September 2014. 🙂

  2. Must be great to be John Smith. You get paid to write nonsensical strips like Indigo Prime and hoodwink the 2Konline community into thinking you’re actually talented.

  3. I don’t think John Smith ever tried to fool anyone about his talents. If you don’t ‘get’ him, it’s not his fault. There is always Grey Area for those who prefer the less subtle approach.

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