6 comments on “Mechanismo review

  1. “This is very early MacNeil and Doherty, they are both good but you can see there is much better to come from them in the future”

    MacNeil had already provided the exquisite painted art for America at that point, and Doherty had Young Death under his belt. It would be difficult to argue against either of those stories as anything other than career highlights for both artists.

    • You bet me to it Sauchie. This was a golden age for Colin MacNeil. America, Song Of The Surfer and Mechanismo were streets ahead of previous colour work like Our Man In Hondo.

      • Aye – I’d agree that Mechanismo isn’t MacNeil’s best work, but I think that was probably more to do with pressures of time and finance than artistry.

        As well as America, the quality of MacNeil’s finish on pre-Mechanismo stories such as the aforementioned Song Of The Surfer and The Final Solution is leagues ahead of all but a few of Mechanismo’s splash pages. Not long after Mechanismo, MacNeil switched to producing linework-only for stories like Shimura, The Corps, and – regrettably – the sequel to America.

        Seeing MacNeil dig the paints out for stories like Terror and Insurrection became a rare treat; one we seem unlikely to see again in the near future, sadly.

    • No “bad” at all Eamonn. I have these books on my shelves and another viewpoint is no less valid than my own. Great review.

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