4 comments on “‘Brothers of the Blood’ review

  1. This collection is one of my favorite Dredd collections. And actually I conciser it the perfect Dredd collection to put in the hands of a new reader (along with Mandroid). Blood Cadets, Sector House, and Brothers of the Blood. John Wagner at his modern era best IMO

  2. Great review of a great book. Of all the Judge Dredd GNs that I own Brothers Of The Blood is the one that I keep coming back to. There is something about the Dredd family that I find endlessly fascinating. In fact, I’m just going to come out and say it, I wish that Rico 2, Vienna and Dolman were in the strip more often (as a group.) You always get to see another side of Joe Dredd when they are around and that’s the side I like to see most.

    As I said, great review Eamonn.

  3. With you there on the praise for Charlie Adlard and the wish for him to appear again in the prog. There are a growing list of great artists that we don’t see anymore and unfortunately IMHO a growing list of mediocre ones that we do. Great review Eamonn.

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