9 comments on “Prog 1893 Review – Orlok

  1. Jaegir helpfully explains to Colonel Explanation that Mabuse must have had access to her personnel file, and so knew she had been traumatised by her encounter with Blue Death. Colonel Explanation then helpfully explains what the rest of the series is going to be about. They’re not taking any chances that the readers of the US one-shot might not understand what’s going on.

    • Good point as always, Sauchie.
      I think it helpfully over explains, sadly. Had we seen before this that Atalia gets the fear every waking moment for the blue terror that wiped out her platoon then that might have panned out. Here Rennie over eggs it.
      A sharp contrast to the subtlety and brilliance of Absalom where he consistently knocks it out of the park.

      • “I think it helpfully over explains, sadly”

        Aye, that’s what I was getting at; seems to be going down well, though. I liked A Simple Killing and Zaucer of Zilk, which both left plenty of other folk cold or scratching their heads, so it’s just my turn to be left wondering what I’m missing. The art’s absolutely first rate, so I’m enjoying that.

  2. A shame. Rennie has failed on both accounts. It’s all contrived crap! Jeagir had degenerated into the worst type of storytelling. Aquinas isn’t far behind. Time for Tharg to cut him lose. He seems to do better with creator owned projects…and it shows. I expect him to quit these series like he has done in the past. He doesn’t own them…so why should he care?

  3. My tablet refuses to believe I ever intentionally type the word ‘of’, correcting it to ‘if’ every single time. It thinks Pat Mills writes a strip called Eláine too. Aquila and Jaegir don’t do much for me, but they’re regularly picked out as being the best things in the comic by folk posting on the official 2000ad forum. They’re keeping someone happy, and the Coleby/O’Grady combination means Jaegir looks fantastic..

  4. So are we saying ditch the quality work of Simon Colby & Leigh Gallagher just because the story lines are a little bit contrived? Nahhh, give me Aqulia & Jaegir any day rather than Black Shuck & Sinister Dexter!… be careful what you wish for my friends…

    • Oh, you’re absolutely right, Jacqusie. Their work here is superb.
      Sometimes though even the greatest artist cannot save a story that is floundering or downright poor. Frankenstein Division springs readily to mind).
      Rennie has done far better than this and I hope he still will.

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