11 comments on “Prog 1894 Review – Orlok

  1. “This was not a good instalment and featured story logic of the kind used in the Oscar Pistorius trial”

    It was difficult to choose between this and the whimsy of the GI body parts onesie, but this bon mot is definitely the highlight. Always a good read, Orlok.

    You make a good point about the arbitrary nature of the quest Jaegir’s embarked upon, but with the way subsequent episodes have revealed that nonsensical errand to be a set-up to inject her with her Daddy’s Monster Maker, I’m not sure it’s so much a flaw in the narrative logic as it is a bit of misdirection on the part of Mabuse, Jaegir’s CO, and Rennie.

    I’m predisposed to dislike anything Rennie does because he comes across as such a massive arse as a person, but it’s beginning to look like he has thought the themes and larger story of this one through pretty well. The hunting flashback in the first story, which seemed like a risible attempt to add some Daddy issues, is building towards something more interesting now she’s literally infected by her father’s curse.

    That also makes the cutaways to the scenes where the suspected strigoi contamination is being used as a pretext to eliminate subversives seem less random, as well as being a slightly clunky metaphor for the way concerns of the purity of the bloodline and the persecution of the jewish ‘race’ (see your mention of the guy wearing the yellow symbol) were used to clamp down on any political or social dissent in thirties Germany.

    • Thanks Sauchie and good points once again. If it is misdirection then maybe Rennie can pull this out of the bag.
      I think for me this enterprise has been marred by cliche. The tortured soldier forced to hunt down her ex lover, the girl with daddy issues looking to exorcise the demons of her youth, the traitor in the team who the hero is aware of, the joke telling team member while hunting down a monster, the puppetry of those using the hero to play their political game, etc. There’s very little that is fresh on the table here which is a great shame as Rennie can do that when he gets fired up.
      I get the purity angle but it seems to be hammered home rather than placed gently for us to ponder. And the dialogue is like torture at times.

      • Aye – I should make it clear that I’m not really enjoying the story, and there’s truly awful dialogue in places, but Rennie does seem to have worked out what he’s doing thematically.

        Maybe I’m just easily pleased, but the idea of the corruption, the monstrous thing at the heart of the society, being projected onto others as a pretext for their persecution chimes with my understanding of how German National Socialism operated.

        The doublethink of turning yourselves into monsters and doing monstrous things to overcome those you figure as monsters (The Blue Demon) would go down well in Fred Nietzsche Block, and it’s sort of fun that all this abyss-staring sprung from Rennie’s fanboy attempt to rationalise the way Gibbons drew Norts as ugly bastards:


    • We still don’t know how much of MC1 Justice Department controls, or whether the sectors they don’t control (up to 90%) are in the same Mad Max state of lawlessness as the derelict sector recently depicted in Wagner/Cook’s Student Bodies.

      It’s possible the fire could still be burning 2 years after Chaos Day, I suppose:

      • Nice!
        That’s possible but the sectors being overflown looked in the middle of rebuilding. I think it’s just one of those things that looks nice (as Eightball says) but if you think too hard about you’ll ask questions.

    • There are four fires over two panels. Each different areas. I supposed coupled with the talk of how the city was a mess this seems to be more than an arsonist. I mean why draw them on fire at all?

      • Starting fires in abandoned blocks could be a new Mega-City craze… nah, I take your point (and Orlok’s) having fires still burning after all this time is a wee bit daft. Looks cool though.

  2. That’s a nice idea. We haven’t seen crazes for a while. Oh, and I need to jump to my feet, Tony Curtis style and say…”I’m Orlok!”

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