5 comments on “Prog 1895 Review – Orlok

  1. “Carroll’s script is tight and has a few nice lines such as Dredd’s response to Knight’s question of how the Department operates at all levels of the Government. “Efficiently”.
    It doesn’t quite ring true though that Knight wasn’t fully briefed on this before her return. This would be basic stuff along with what the currency is and where to pick up like minded individuals for some watersports.”

    When asked by Dredd -on the first page, part one- Knight says she was briefed; but I saw the roadside exchange -after the incident where she defended herself- more as pretext for her to question Dredd about the whole shebang as he went about his business.

    • And yet she asked Dredd questions to which she (and he and the readership) already knew the answers. This is a clumsy attempt to give background to the Judges and their policies but a better effect might have been to see Knight viewing a (comedic) Justice Dept approved public information film on the flight.

  2. I had to raise my eyebrow when Knight surmises: “So you Judges are the police, the military, the judiciary AND the government…duhhh…how does that work?” By the end of the strip she’s preaching to the citizens of the city on how the reign of the Judges must fall, based on presumably a day or two’s stupid questions and therefore NO FUCKING IDEA of MC1’s (and the other cities run by a Judge system) history. For someone who didn’t know Dreddy’s day-stick from her dildo 5 minutes ago, she seems very sure of how to conduct a coup all of a sudden. Sorry, this is awful & makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  3. “I don’t think it’s intended literally as exposition.”
    Maybe not, Mr Soap, but that’s how it comes across and is superfluous to the story IMHO.

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