5 comments on “2000 Prog 1897

  1. Great review, Seth; your thoughts are very much in accordance with my own. I know some folk can’t get on with artwork without colour, but Gallagher and Yeowell have styles specifically developed for monochrome, and slapping colour over their pages isn’t getting the best out of their work.

    Yeowell’s been posting his original pages on Facebook to let us see what we’re missing:


  2. Loved this week’s Brass Sun. I love the concept of a virtual Albert Einstein being your guardian angel. Just think – with his vast intellect he could help you solve those tricky newspaper crosswords and open fizzy drink bottles without the spray going all over the floor.

    Your comment about Black Shuck being ‘a refugee’ from earlier comics seems a tad harsh. If anything, it feels like a darker, less comedic version of Red Seas! I hope Tharg doesn’t take too much notice of the naysayers and will commission a second series. 🙂

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