12 comments on “ECBT2000AD Episode 180

  1. I don’t know the backstory to the lack of promotion for the Hachette partworks, but it seems to be by design rather than oversight, or someone jumped the gun on getting it out there.

    From what’s been posted, it’s a limited test release, which would be relaunched if it was a success.

    Whether having a secretive launch is going to hobble it anyway, I’ve no idea – but reading between the lines it was intentional (whether that came from Hachette, who wanted proof it would sell or Rebellion)

    I’d also point out that Mike doesn’t have ‘One job’, he does the PR for Abaddon, and the games side, as well as 2000 AD, The Meg, and any other licensed products related to those.

    BTW It’s not Robert Winston, it’s Kurt Vonnegut…

  2. A friend of mine told me they do a ‘test’ market for it first and then based on those results…they decide if they should do a nationwide release. They tried it a while back with a Gerry Anderson collection and scraped it because initial sales werent that good.

    I have to disagree on the PR side. He does have one job. It’s PR for Abaddon, the games side, 2000ad, the Meg and Other licensed products. I’ve worked with a lot of PR folks and multitasking is part of their job. It’s still one job.

  3. If the same thing happened with the Anderson collection – then it sounds like it’s the way Hachette does things, rather than Mike not doing his job, which seemed to be the thing you are calling him out on.

  4. I like a ranting negative podcast as much as a drooling fanboy handjob of a podcast, but – as Steve points out – the books are only on a limited test release to see whether casual punters will pick them up, and the actual series probably won’t begin until January – same as any of those partworks. The individual who got the worst of your tongue in the intro communicated that to fans within hours of them learning of the planned series.

    Otherwise, a fine mithering dissection of a not very exciting period of the comic. My only criticism would be the underselling of Burdis’s shock revelation that he’s on the verge of dropping the prog and selling the contents of the cellar. THAT was your big finish, Flint. Never mind a fucking dance off, that announcement should have been overlaid with EastEnders DOOF-DOOF-DOOF synth drums and a NEXT WEEK ON BREAKING BAD tease.

  5. Can anyone tell me why I’m on a Comic Website & some sad little wankers are still in the Loaded days of the 90’s? You will be putting up pictures of Oasis next… women do look at this site as well y’know fellas…

  6. And this week I bought loads of Dredd stuff, I truly am an addict!

    As for our rants this episode, perhaps it was all due to doing it so soon after getting out of bed, rushing down town to buy that new product and getting wound up by Smiths and then having to do the Progcast, after rushing back home.
    There’s nothing like doing the recording when you are a sweating and annoyed!

  7. Lets not be weightest or hairest (?) as well, so it has to be a fat, baldy bastard… who loves ya baby?… Kojack

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