8 comments on “Prog 1896 Review – Orlok

  1. Yeah, I’m with you on the way Jaegir sputtered out without making amounting to much at all. The official forum’s Dark Jimbo pointed out that the drug they were looking for has turned into a person who they’re looking for without so much as a by your leave. I’m glad he said that, because I just assumed I had got the wrong end of the stick.

    The whole thing now feels like a series of unsatisfying set-ups for the next shell game quest which goes nowhere. I only really enjoyed the story for the art, but – as you say – characterisation isn’t the otherwise superb Coleby’s strength. Without the scar, I’d struggle to pick Jaegir out of a lineup.

    • 1900 cannot come soon enough for me.
      I drifted away from the Prog when Millar and Morrison dragged it to the kind of depths where fish have lights on their noses and regretted it as I missed some gems amongst the detritus. Though I won’t stop getting it again I do miss the excitement I get when the comic is firing on all thrusters. I think Toothy and I need to go to counselling together and put the spark back in our relationship, possibly by getting it to dress up in a school uniform to spice things up.
      And no, not like Wee Jimmy Krankie.

  2. God knows we’d all love to sodomize an elderly woman dressed as a schoolboy, Orlok, but that’s not the answer. I had a standing order at the local paper shop which I was too lazy to cancel, so I endured almost a full decade of reading progs that were 80% Alan MacKenzie, and 20% sheep detectives or space hospital sagas drawn by Bisley clones and coloured by Alan Craddock.

    I must be getting soft, because I’m willing to indulge stuff like recent Sinister Dexter (which I’ve never enjoyed) for gags like the WTF federal agency and the neat idea of tracing a target via his Amazon preferences. Even golden age progs had a too-long Rogue Trooper and a Skizz to bring them down, so the current 3 strips with great art but only adequate stories seems par for the course.

    • The good thing about Toothy is that highs make you forget the lows, even when they are very, very low indeed.
      Yes, Crusade, I’m looking at you.

  3. Having just re-read prog 1145 (on a big of a bog-prog run) in Sin/Dex there is a character in the Cop Squad ‘Ass Kickers’ called Gaseous Kle… who hilariously gets his name because he stinks of shit all the time presumably… just thought to let you know the gag’s been done already, as it was crap then too.

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