9 comments on “Review: Anderson: Psi Div #1 – Orlok

  1. Hi Guys

    Just wondered if you got this last Saturday? I sent it to the email address but my internet has been all over the shop this week.

    Is there a secure email address / place I can post reviews to in future please?

    Many thanks


  2. The story is set at a time when Anderson’s only 24. Apparently she was born in 2080, so that would place this story just after The Apocalypse War and Omar’s appointment as head of Psi Division. According to Flint and Burdis’s last podcast, neither of those two dates are a coincidence or unimportant to the direction of the story.

    Good spot with the Dillon bikes from Alabammy Blimps – I let out a little bit of wee when I saw them.

    • Which means Anderson is mistaken when she says she has never left the city beyond her training as she was definitely in that East Meg bunker.
      Plus the city looks undamaged and Justice Central was hit pretty hard only months earlier.

      • True … I’m going with the 2000ad version of events, where Omar made head of department after the war. I suppose IDW’s timeline could work out differently. Equally, the caption in the comic only reads “Judge Omar’s office, psi-division headquarters”; he might just be her line manager at that point, rather than head of department.

        More likely, you’ve just caught Tharg in a bit of a balls up.

    • Yeah, Orlok’s obviously a minor continuity cock-up. I enjoy arguing though, so how do we know the two eagles are emblems of office, rather than an affectation? Did Ecks rock the Romanov look, or Shenker? I can’t be bothered to look through the books, and I’ve got to go and wash my hair so I don’t have to do it in the morning.

  3. Ecks used to wear a cardigan to the office. Shenker just decided to shave off all his hair one afternoon.

    And Tharg never makes mistakes. Ever. Apart from Junker and Dry Run.

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