6 comments on “Prog 1898 Review – Orlok

  1. I thought I’d give my opinions/waffle on Prog 1899.


    Cover – full of thrillpower!

    In my humble opinion the ending of Judge Dredd: Cascade was very poor indeed! Despite losing many of their soldiers the Lawlords still held Dredd. In the final page of the story, Dredd says “stay away from Earth or we’ll hunt you down.”

    The End.

    That was such a silly end because the Lawlords could have killed Dredd right then and there. That would have been the natural reaction! Dredd was responsible for killing many Lawlords – he managed to activate the war satellites to kill the Lawlords on Earth and on their main craft (I didn’t fully understand how but never mind!) – so it’s ridiculous to imagine they would have let him go.

    Did the Lawlords land back on Earth and release him? LOL Did Justice Dept send a ship up to get him? It’s too far fetched to imagine the Lawlords giving up Dredd. They could have used him as a hostage or executed him right then or sent him back to their homeworld for trial and public execution. But to leave Dredd on the craft and that’s it, no explanation given how Dredd escaped – well, that is poor writing. The ending was awful – 1 out 10 – although Paul Marshall’s art was nice so I guess I’ll up my score and give the final part a very generous 4 out of 10.

    This sort of story is why I dislike most non-Wagner Judge Dredd strips. They play too loose with Dredd’s world and rarely feel right. Cascade’s plot was fun but the ending was dire. Michael Carroll is a decent Dredd writer but he really lost the plot with this one!

    I did enjoy the rest of the prog. The other strips had good endings! Phew. I’d like to see book two of Black Shuck as I enjoyed the strip and believe it has further potential. Future Shock had a nice twist.

    I’ve enjoyed the recent run of 2000AD. Jaegir, Brass Sun, Aquila, Black Shuck – all fun stuff. It was nice to have a run of ten progs or so without Pat Mills’ work. I do like his work but it was nice to have a break to allow two new writers to show their work on Black Shuck. 🙂

    Just 100 weeks until Prog 2000! 🙂

  2. Lawlords
    “Damn you forever, Dredd! You have destroyed most of our troops, disabled our craft, stopped us from ruling your city. You have beaten us. We have been humiliated by an inferior species. We hate you more than ever!”

    “Can you let me go? Just drop me off outside the west wall and I’ll walk the rest of the way home.”

    “Er… okay. Before you go… can we have your autograph?”


    The End.

  3. Just reading page 2 of Dredd a few times over makes this story pretty farcical. If Psi-Div can’t get through Dallas’s defenses, how could they know about the cascade effect? Speaking of which, think about that for a minute… He can read all the citizens emotions OR change them. Mass brainwashing on a gigantic scale (what happens at the end of the story when they ultimately get forgotten about?). To top this off, Hershey gloomily admits defeat stating that ‘they’ (Dallas & Knight) have got the Justice Department licked. What a load of old pony…

  4. PPS: Re: Brass Sun – I’ve found a Blind watchmaker WAY back in the 1990’s in Devlin Waugh called Mr Zurich… *sigh*

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