4 comments on “Prog 1901 Review – Orlok

  1. I have to agree with Orlok, the prog since 1900 has been outstanding. Each of the covers since 1900 has been a contender for cover of the year and the stories and art have all been sublime. As a reader of 2000AD since 1987 (with a fair view lapses) I’m glad to say that the comics future looks bright. On a separate note, I have to say I enjoy Orlok’s reviews, he can be blunt and I don’t always agree with him but his reviews are always a pleasure to read.

  2. Yeah, the reviews on here have been getting a lot of flak lately but in the reviewers’ defence the progs just haven’t been that good. Been easy for me to come back and be all enthusiastic this week as the progs are on fire. Hard to play cheerleader when you aren’t excited about the next week’s issue.

    And yeah, I disagree with a lot of Orlok’s points (mantas in the sewer anyone?) but at least he’s honest and takes the time to explain WHY things dont work for him. Even if he is wrong 😉

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