2 comments on “Judge Dredd The Mega Collection : America

  1. I don’t know whether it was the nice paper stock or the fact the art is reduced in size, but I thought this volume was a little kinder to Craddock’s unarguably ham fisted turn on Tharg’s colouring computer. I suspect someone altered the saturation to level-off the worst examples of Craddock’s Quality Street tendencies, because MacNeil’s masterful use of colour on the first book appears to have lost a little of its nuance.

    I don’t agree that America isn’t the best Dredd story ever published – everything about it, from conception to execution is an unparalleled example of two of the best creators to work on the strip operating at the upper limits of their abilities. The only reason it might not be the best example of a Dredd story is that he isn’t in it much, and it doesn’t feature the cop element of being a judge – but neither do Judge Death Lives, The Apocalypse War, or The Cursed Earth, for that matter.

    • A shame that this died after one book. Would love the epics in HC. Especially the later ones.

      I really like America in a number of ways. Not only as a personal story of two MC1 citz (and a really wierd, an a bit horrific origin for Ami Beeny), but it also explores politics in a very interesting ways.

      For me the story also to bridges the classic era (which for me ends with Necropolis) and the nu-classic one (Origins and forward.).

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