4 comments on “2000AD 1905 – Subscribers preview

  1. Might just be my warped sense of appreciation, but this is absolooootley one of my covers of the year so far – in your face 2000AD brilliance!

  2. Just a few weeks ago, I was thinking that it hadn’t been a great year for covers, and that Alex Ronald’s incredible Ulysses Sweet image would walk Pete Wells’s 2014 best cover poll. The last few weeks have made me reconsider that – all we need is for Fay Dalton to turn in a cover with Greysuit dressed in stockings, suspenders, and cami knickers, and we’ve got a real competition on our hands.

    • Course I did – Kendall’s moving into Glen Fabry territory in terms of his technique. If I was looking for something to moan about I’d say he could afford to be braver in terms of colour – some of his covers have the murky, undifferentiated palette of nineties Carl Critchlow or Clint Langley – but that would be whining for the sake of it.

      He’s great.

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