12 comments on “Judge Dredd Superfiend goes live

  1. Based on the little I’ve seen (just episodes 1), the biggest difference is Sydney/Judge Death is a Mega-City 1 Judge, not from Deadworld.

    It is very well directed. Clearly a labour of love for all concerned. I wouldn’t class this as a fan video,though. Perhaps a bit too professional looking? It looks fantastic, soundtrack is cool too.

    Wonder how much it cost (and if there is some ad revenue tool in place to recoup some of the money!).

  2. It was alright, and fun in places, but I wish they hadn’t tried to fit so many characters into such a short running time. The Angel Gang in particular got fairly short shrift.

  3. Whatever about its low-budget style, it has some mildly amusing moments, but it makes the same mistakes of the Stallone film: crunching too elements and altering them to fit both the truncated story and running time – even down to repeating the throwaway killing of The Angel Gang in a single scene.

    • “it makes the same mistakes of the Stallone film: crunching too (many) elements and altering them to fit both the truncated story and running time”

      Yep. That would have been fine if each six minute episode focused on a single character and incident, but trying to incorporate all those disparate elements in a single story doesn’t do any of them justice. The dad dentist character is fun, and reminded me of Gerald Scarfe’s teacher character from The Wall. Sort of.

  4. I thought it was quite spectacular. Ep1 was rather faithful to the source material. Veered away and did its weird thing in the other eps. As a manic “alternative Dredd-world” take on the character I think it was a success. It’s not meant to be a direct version of John Wagner’s version so geeky fans – myself included! – have to cut the Superfiend’s makers some slack.

    Well done to the production team. 😀 Superfiend is a nice and unexpected addition to the Judge Dredd universe.

  5. Some more thoughts…

    SPOILERS! Don’t read below if you haven’t seen all the episodes!

    There were some wonderful touches to it – the Sydney/father/dentist backstory *was very faithful* – even including Wagner’s dialogue about worm in the brains. The father’s death was the same as Wagner’s Boyhood of a Superfiend story.

    There was lovely stuff with Mrs Gunderson and the Stookie – that was great. We see Fink Angel and Fergee in the club. I didn’t see Link Angel. He seemed missing from the Angel Gang.

    The scene when the Justice Dept craft leaves the block and travels to the restaurant – heck, that felt more like MC-1 than the entire Dredd 2012 film. That moment felt like MC-1 coming to life. MC-1 should have a Star Wars-ish vibe and that scene had it big time!

    The idea of Judge Death inhabiting Rico – a cool ‘way out there’ idea!

    The whole love sequence with Death and VIenna – funny stuff. Some real Wagner type black comedy in that sequence – including the scene from Wagner’s Boyhood Superfiend when Woofie chases the ball off the cliff.

    The car chase scene at the start – totally crazy and amusing. The final chase fight at the end of the story – also crazy. Bonkers over-the-top Dredd!

    The scene when Sydney finds the Sisters of Death’s lair – brilliantly done.

    The only niggle I had was the scene where Death appears in the restaurant and Dredd lets him walk by. Didn’t get that. Dredd should have said something like “Dredd to control. Judge Death sighted at ….”

    And as for changing things – the idea of Judge Death (Sydney) being a MC-1 Judge (!) – it sorta works. It’s a big change from the source material but it fits in with the rest of the storyline.

    The voice artists were great, loved Judge Death’s voice, Rico was great too – although I’m kind of going off the idea of Dredd with a generic very deep cartoony type voice. Urban’s voice was cool but it did fall into the generic ‘raspy voice’ territory and perhaps future Dredd tv or film adaptations (if they happen!) should move away from that approach. It feels a bit gimmicky. Dredd’s voice was good in Superfiend but I guess if Judge Dredd really existed he might sound more like this guy: actor Tyrese Gibson (he’s in the Fast and the Furious films):

    (just watch for a few second – don’t don’t need to watch the whole clip!)

    If you shut your eyes – listen to his voice, the guy sounds exactly like I would imagine a *real life* Judge Dredd would sound! He’s just got a regular deep voice – but not so ultra deep that it sounds comical. Think of your fave 2000AD artist drawing Dredd and watch that clip. Just listen to his voice – sort of works, don’t you think? I think the ultra deep Dredd voice is kinda goofy and makes Dredd seem too cartoony – makes the character seem more goofy, perhaps?

    I think the two directors would be ideal for a new live action Judge Dredd film. They possess more visual style than whasthisface that did the last Dredd film. The visuals in Superfiend were fantastic. It had a real oomph to it. Dredd 2012 didn’t. It was a bit flat visual-wise. Superfiend was dynamic. That’s what I loved about Judge Dredd – and 2000AD. it had this dynamic quality that pulled you in, made you want to read each prog – it was out there doing it’s own thing, and, love or hate it – Superfiend does the same thing. It’s done its own dynamic thing. 🙂

  6. The two directors interviewed. They mention a further episode:

    “Making a seventh chapter bigger, longer and uncut would be great. However, it depends on the public. We are willing to put the Dark Judges together and also use some great ideas, like exploring the emotional conflict of Judge Dredd in Necropolis. And, above all, I am willing to make the Gaze Into the Fist of Dredd.”


    I guess if enough people view the eps there’s a chance of more. 🙂

    For sheer crazy fun I think it beats Dredd 2012. No contest.

    Dredd 2012 felt too safe: Dredd fights perps on a level, goes to next level. Meh.

    At least this didn’t hold back. That’s the problem with Dredd 2012. Remember the final scene with Ma-Ma? Dredd and Anderson just walk into her room, she’s standing there. There’s no big shoot-out to get in the room, nothing. But Superfiend has huge chases, crazy action. Sure, it’s a cartoon so it’s easier to do all that crazy stuff but Alex Garland and Pete Travis didn’t give their project much oomph. It was a bit safe and predictable. You can’t say that about Superfiend! 🙂

  7. I’ll try and be as diplomatic as possible. A lot of people put a lot of time and effort and love into this without being paid. It’s not Dredd for me. It’s Dredd in name alone and it’s a bit of a mess. Design wise, storywise and direction wise.

  8. I’ve been watching it again.

    Episode 1 and 2 are brilliant and a great tribute to John Wagner’s work. So many nice touches. So much effort gone into it. I’d love these directors to do a live action Dredd sequel! They’ve got such imagination.

    It’s a tad unfair to say “it’s Dredd in name alone” because there are John Wagner written scenes in this (the dialogue about the worms in the brains, Sydney executing his father, the dialogue when the Sisters of Death meet Sydney, the scene with Woofie jumping off the cliff) – all John Wagner’s work! Sure, it veers away with Rico and Vienna in a McDonald’s type burger joint (lol) but Ep 1 and 2 contain John Wagner’s material.

    I know the plot is totally bonkers but the vibe is the closest I’ve seen to 2000AD’s Judge Dredd.

    The Big Finish audios didn’t capture the vibe, the two Dredd films didn’t (okay, sure, there are scenes which come close but the overall tone is not that close – JD 1995 was Judge Stallone doing his thing, and Dredd 2012 was Die Hard meets a video game), the Judge Minty fan film had an amazing start but sort of descended into weird looking people fighting a guy in a Judge suit. It sort of lost the Dredd vibe in the second half. I did like Minty, though. Very impressive. Judge Dredd: Cursed Edge does its own thing but it doesn’t feel like Dredd’s world, it’s very much a fan’s interpretation of the world. But Superfiend does have the comic book feel of Judge Dredd. The content is a loose interpretation but the feel is there, I reckon. It’s taken almost 40 years to arrive (1977 – 2014) but it’s happened!

    I think that’s pretty amazing!

  9. Given some of the negative reaction on the 2K forum – you’d think the Superfiend creators had made something so hideously awful that it can never be erased from memory. (that’s John Sergeant appearing on Strictly Come Dancing). 😛

    Shall we dance?


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