5 comments on “Satan’s Island #FlintWasRight

  1. “Wagner has run the full gamut of different microbial menaces. It was a virus with the catchy name of 2T(FRU)T which infected Mega-City Two”

    Pat Mills, surely?

  2. ” Uncle Pat wrote the first ten parts right?”

    Wagner only wrote 2 episodes of Cursed Earth – the banned ones with the copyright infringement. Jack Adrian wrote an episode too, but it’s a Pat Mills joint from start to finish, from the overwrought Dredd to the preachy Tweak tale telling of the inhumanity of man.

  3. 2 episodes wasn’t it? Chris Lowder/Jack Adrian wrote the Giants aren’t Gentlmen/Soul Food double episodes which led to General Mills, rather than Pat going ballistic.

    The Burger Wars one was more of a ‘if that caused trouble, this is going to as well’ wasn’t it?

    All down to that Big Green Bastard on the cover.

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